our approach

Learning to have fun, the tictactoe way

Once you have a fair idea of our approach to learning, it’ll be easy to understand why tictactoe stands a class apart among other preschools. At tictactoe, we believe that an appropriate assessment of a child requires time, ability to ask the right questions and SEE THE SCHOOL IN ACTION! This is why our evaluation process is continuous and comprehensive. Our enquiry based child-centric learning approach integrates activities beyond the class room. These include social outings and excursions, to improve problem-solving and communication skills. We believe that creativity is the ability to introduce order into the randomness of nature. The use of audio-visual media in dealing with traditional subjects makes learning interesting, easy to grasp and increases retention.

As part of the holistic development, we initially introduce children to the Indian environment and later to the global milieu. At tictactoe, your child is given the right kind of exposure needed for healthy psychological and physical growth. We impart social etiquettes that include moral practices and ethical standards which help in building cordial relationships among peers, teachers and society at large. Your child will grow to recognize and respect individuality, and develop an appreciation for art, music, aesthetics and literature.