• 1How old is the school?

    It has been established recently in November 2011. The academic session has started on 1st of December 2011.

  • 2Are you affiliated to an international brand ?

    No, we are not affiliated to any international brand. We have our curriculum designed on international standards to be able to cater to the latest in education and children’s psychology.

  • 3 What is the present strength of the school ?

    We have two admissions for the current academic year since we started the publicity campaign in the first week of November and are moving ahead with good number of enquiries and their conversion into admissions.

  • 4What teaching methods are practiced by teachers ?

    Play way and research methods with lots of hands on experience for children through activities.

  • 5How do school children commute every day ?

    The school has its own transport for students.

  • 6What is the student teacher ratio ?

    15:2 with a maid per class.

  • 7What is the fee structure ?

    Kindly visit the school for a detailed fee structure.

  • 8What are the expansion plans of the school ?

    Tictactoe is a chain of pre-schools and will remain only up to the senior kg level.

  • 9Does the school have a cafeteria?

    The school has a pantry where food is provided only for the day care children.

  • 10What activities are incorporated in the curriculum ?

    Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities to enhance the creativity and talent in children.

  • 11How is the child evaluated ?

    Every individual child is assessed continuously through various activities and progress is indicated by positive remarks.

  • 12Are interviews conducted for new admissions ?


  • 13What are the homework rules ?

    Home assignments are given only on weekends. No homework on week days.

  • 14Do children need to carry school bags everyday ?

    We follow a No-Bag concept. Books remain in the classroom and are allowed to be carried home only on weekends.

  • 15How qualified are your teachers ?

    Teachers at tictactoe are qualified to take up as teachers only after completing pre-school diploma and early child care education. They are also experienced in their work.